Now we know that Iwi mistake Show with my work – if you have questions please ask me – We are happy when the next Show is with us 🙂


IHA Salzburg 03.12.2017

Jugde: Chris Hancock (GB)


slightly shy junior, nice head, good byte, very nice eye, nicely angulated front and back, good coat, well boned, needs more experience in the ring

very good



IHA Salzburg 02.12.2017

Jugde: Ray Strudwick (GB)


good size youngster, well balanced with correct shaped eye, good length of neck, would prefer sliglty better layback shoulder, well ribbed, short coupled, well turned stifle, steady on the move, but unable to go over the dog -> needs more ringtraining



4. Retriever Fesival 29.09.2017

Jugde: Henric Fryckstrand (SE)


nice puppy, need more time for ring training, masculline head, could have a better shape of the eye, nice neck, need more front angulation, very good bone nice substance, would prefer better topline and tailset, strong backend, nice coat, moves ok

2. Platz


31. Clubsiegershow 04.06.2017

Jugde: Moray Armstrong,GB


masculine head with nice dark eye, correct bite, good neck and shoulders, nice bone and feet, strong topline with moderate quarters, moved ok

2. Platz